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Introducing To You Pro Financial Fitness

We’re your personal bookkeeping and accounting coaches for non-profits in North Carolina. We help your non-profit to stay in great financial shape and stay out of trouble with the IRS and The State of North Carolina. We provide direction and instruction to help you reach your goals so that you can get out from behind your desk and make a real impact in the community. We’ll determine the best long-term financial fitness plan for your business. From gross margin improvement to bottom line profits, Pro Financial Fitness accurately and strategically determines what needs to improve and, like a doctor, prescribes and dissects ways to improve your business’s financial health. We have the aptitude and ability to organize your financials and bring clarity to your Non-Profit’s books. If you want your non-profit to change for the better, we will show you how.

Our Services

Pro Financial Fitness is a Bookkeeping, Accounting, Training, and Consulting business to service non-profits in North Carolina.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Does your organization receive a list of audit issues that need to be fixed?

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Payroll & Sales Tax Refund

Need top-notch financial skills and tax expertise but can’t hire someone full time?

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Training/ Consulting

Consulting/ Training for Bookkeeping/ Accounting staff, Executive Directors, and Board of Directors.

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Board and Staff Retreats

Does your Board need more training to understand legal documents?

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Free 1 Hour Consultation

We give 1 hour of consultation pro bono.

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To get your North Carolina non-profit organization in great financial shape.


To see all non-profits are properly financially managed, stay in good shape, and stay out of trouble with the IRS and State of North Carolina.

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Our Clients


A review of Pro Financial Fitness by The Village of Stillborn Mamas

A review from the Wakaboomee Program, a North Carolina nonprofit (review is from Narkie Nartey, Executive Director of Wakaboomee)

When WVSS, Inc. asked Mark Prokop nearly three years ago to join us, we had no idea the depths of financial knowledge we would gain! As a non-profit and a new grant, his intensive experience with grant management enabled us to be more productive and efficient. We achieved the freedom and time to focus on providing our services while knowing that the financial fundamentals were safely in place.

We thank Mark from Pro Financial Fitness for his assistance during these past years providing guidance, monthly financials, insight, and budget recommendations with all the days spent during grant creations and submissions. Your leadership with our Finance Committee and collaborations with like-minded organizations is invaluable. You have treated our organization like we were your only client. Again, we thank you and would recommend you to others.

Patricia A Harris, Founder and Executive Director Women Veterans Support Services, Inc

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