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Dear NC non-profits (and even non-profits in the other 49 states),

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Work with our financial guidance to run your non-profit effectively
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Every day, North Carolina non-profits face new challenges and likewise new opportunities. Pro Financial Fitness helps you increase your organization’s success by teaching you how to work more efficiently. We seek to teach people how to transform their finances and processes with our comprehensive tax and accounting services in Chapel Hill, NC. Learn from our knowledgeable staff on how to run your non-profit smoothly.

What We Do

Payroll & Sales Tax Refund

Need top-notch payroll skills and sales tax expertise but can’t hire someone full time? We will train and educate you or provide payroll and sales tax refund services for your non-profit.

This includes:

  • Assist with filing your sales tax refund
  • Manage your payroll and payroll taxes
Bookkeeping and Accounting

Does your organization receive a list of audit issues that need to be fixed? We can assist with day-to-day operational tasks, create policies and procedures, process payroll, perform monthly reconciliations, create financial reports.

This includes:

  • Financial Training for your Bookkeeper/ Accountant. This is also available for Executive Directors, and Board of Directors
  • Manage your bookkeeping and/or accounting
  • Assist your Bookkeeper/ Accountant working with your auditors
Training/ Consulting

Consulting/ Training for Bookkeeping/ Accounting staff, Executive Directors, and Board of Directors.

This includes:

  • Financial Training for your Executive Director and Board of Directors
  • Consulting with Executive Director and Board of Directors
Board and Staff Retreats

Board and Staff Retreats are done to address challenges an organization faces and create plans to tackle work responsibilities and expectations in the coming year.


Data entry of your Transactions into Pro Financial Fitness’s (or Your) Accounting System
Monthly reconciliation of bank, credit card, and loan accounts
Monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reporting
Unlimited email support
Dedicated account management team



Bi-weekly, Bi-monthly, or Monthly Payroll Services
Employee Onboarding
Bi-weekly bill payment services
Unlimited email support
Dedicated account management team
Monthly account review video conference
$1,400 /mo



Weekly Financial Coaching
Weekly Cashflow Management
Unlimited support via dedicated ZOOM channel (or another software)

Clients can pay Pro Financial Fitness via the following ways:

  1. Write a check to “Pro Financial Fitness” and mail it to “Pro Financial Fitness, 105 St. Ayers Way, Chapel Hill, NC 27517”
  2. Go to Log into your organization’s PayPal account and pay the invoice amount.
  3. Open your Zelle® app, enter the email address, and enter the invoice amount.
  4. If you want to pay your invoices via bank accounts and debit/credit cards, then please ask Pro Financial Fitness to create (and send your) invoice through

Let your journey begin! We’ll start by reviewing your current books to see what’s working and what’s not. Based on our findings, you’ll receive a comprehensive report of how we can improve your processes to reach financial health.Feel free to reach out to us at

Nonprofit Informational Returns

Each year, every nonprofit organization is required to complete and submit a 990 informational return to the IRS. There are three different levels of information required based on the size of your organization. We can identify which version of the 990 you need, and prepare and submit the 990 to the IRS on your behalf based on financial information you provide to us and ensure the information is filed timely to avoid late filing penalties and interest.

Does your organization have revenue streams that fall into the category of unrelated business income? If so, revenues from these areas can generate an income tax liability if they are activities unrelated to the primary mission of the nonprofit organization. We can help identify those areas and work with you to identify all related expenses in order to minimize any tax liability.

Pre-Audit Services

Is your organization about to have an audit for the first time? Does your organization have to have an audit and your auditors have found significant deficiencies or material weaknesses in internal control in previous years that need to be addressed? Does your organization have improper segregation of duties due to the small size of staff on hand?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can be part of your team that works together to ensure that you are prepared for the auditors when they come in and that they get the information they need in order to help get clean audit with no significant audit findings.